The RSB Lab shares research that promotes responsible and sustainable business practice through innovation, management and training.


About Us

The RSB Lab started operating in December 2015, with the goal to support income generation, publication and business impact in the areas of responsible and sustainable business within the business school and across disciplines.

The purpose of the RSB Lab is to pull together transdisciplinary teams of experts across NBS as well as across the University to address complex research questions in the ERS area and to develop interdisciplinary grant proposals and research papers. The RSB Lab focuses on four research streams: under four broad research streams: (i) Energy and Environment; (ii) Pedagogy and Talent Development; (iii) Ethics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; (iv) CSR and Corporate Governance.  Staff aligned to the centre fall within one or more of these four branches.


Meet the Team

The Lab is led by Prof. Mollie Painter-Morland (Professor of Ethics and Organisation), and we will be welcoming a new member of staff to take up the Associate professorship in CSR in October, 2017.  We have the administrative and research development support of Anna Ozolina and Ashley Purcell, for 1/3 of the time, both are experienced research project coordinators.  We also have two full-time Research Associates, Dr. Jo-Anna Russon and Dr. Emrah Karakilic.  In addition the RSB Lab has hourly hires to help on specific projects.  Johanna Oehlman, who will start her PhD on a VC Scholarship in October, has been employed to assist on the Upcycling project and Shared Vocabularies.


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