The RSB Lab shares research that promotes responsible and sustainable business practice through innovation, management and training.

Team Leader

Mollie PAINTER MORLAMollie Painter-MorlandND (PhD) is Professor of Ethics and Organization at Nottingham Business School in the UK, and part-time Coca-Cola Chair of Sustainability at the IEDC-Bled Business School in Slovenia. She serves as co-editor of Springer’s Issues in Business Ethics series, and as the Africa Director of ABIS (The Academy of Business in Society). In this capacity she leads a large project on Leadership Development for Sustainability in Africa in cooperation with IBM, GSK and Unilever. She has authored a number of books, and publishes her research in top journals such as Organization Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, Business Ethics Quarterly, Leadership, and Organization. Her current research interests include: European philosophy and ethics, relational leadership, ethics in the media and communication industries, and integrated reporting.

Lead: Pedagogical Research

Petra Molthan-HillDr. Petra Molthan-Hill is leading the HEA Green Academy ‘Food for Thought’ Project for Nottingham Trent University. The project is focused on developing teaching methods that can embed sustainability into various disciplines, from Business Studies through Medieval History to Astrophysics, including the Sustainability in Practice Certificate that was shortlisted for the Green Gown Awards 2014.

She is also Principal Lecturer in Business Sustainability at Nottingham Business School, and as NBS Sustainability Coordinator is responsible for embedding sustainability and business ethics into the curriculum of the business school. Her main research interest has been how and why managers engage with sustainability differently, taking the international perspective into account.

Recently, Petra has won the Guardian University Award 2015 in Business Partnership for her Greenhouse Gas Management Project. This project was delivered together with Jerome Baddley from Nottingham Energy Partnership Investors in the Environment (iiE) network, and with support from the Nottingham Trent University Future Factory project, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The Team

Team shot

From the left: Anna Ozolina (Research Centres Coordinator), Dr. Mark Latham (Research Associate), Ashley Purcell (Project Manager), Professor Mollie Painter Morland (PhD.) (Professor) and Dr. Sara Ornati (Research Associate).


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