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Energy and the Environment

The two key management themes we focus on are sustainability management and accounting; and energy and environment.

Theme one: Sustainability management and accounting

The Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab’s research covers most of the important areas of sustainability management, namely:

  • integrating sustainability across the value chain and global production networks
  • developing sustainability models for business of various sizes across the globe
  • understanding integrated reporting formats and other dimensions of sustainability accounting and control.

We also cover social and environmental strategy, accountability and enterprise risk management and responsible investment etc.

Theme two: Energy and environment

This represents a new dimension of the lab’s work. We pursue this in cooperation with Professor Rob Ackrill’s AEPA research group to ensure that interdisciplinary perspectives are fully integrated. Important work in this area is done by Doctors Michael Zhang and Micheal Ehret, who are editing The Journal of Sustainable Mobility.


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