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Innovation is a key part of our work.

We critically evaluate current mindsets, habits and lifestyles with a view to providing some fresh perspectives and viable alternatives.

Our team studies the processes and dynamics that may undermine ethics and sustainability in order to understand why certain unethical practices and unsustainable habits persist. We then challenge business practitioners to question ingrained ways of thinking and being.

Inspired by philosophical thinking and interested in practice, we challenge everyday assumptions to show how they trap us in certain everyday modes of being that may be questioned and transformed.

  1. Hello and welcome to the Joyride
    documentation page.

  2. Stop #1

    You can control all the details for you tour stop. Any valid HTML will work inside of Joyride.

  3. Stop #2

    Get the details right by styling Joyride with a custom stylesheet!

  4. Stop #3

    It works as a modal too!