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Teaching and Learning

We disseminate best practices to a broader audience of trainers and teachers beyond Nottingham Business School.

 Research focus:

  • Understanding moral behaviour;
  • Influencing decision-making;
  • Giving Voice to Values in everyday business practice;
  • Talent management.

Values-driven Leadership  and the REAL-Network

Project background: The Values-driven Leadership (VDL) programme is the result of a recent collaboration between academic and non-academic partners (business, government and NGOs) in South Africa, Kenya and the UK.  The VDL programme empowers leaders to give ‘voice to their values’ (GVV) when confronted with systemic pressures to act unethically.  (It draws upon Mary Gentile’s novel GVV pedagogical approach that equips leaders to develop levers of influence, persuasive responses, and alternative scripts that help them counter the rationalisations of unethical behaviour that they may face). 

The Research on Ethical African Leadership Network (REAL-Network) is a proposed online research network involving academics and African leaders across sectors, designed to study the impact of the ‘Values-driven Leadership’ (VDL) programme in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt.  We are have applied for external funding to support the development of this important research project.  The REAL-Network will enhance the effectiveness and impact of the VDL programme by providing a virtual online classroom and social media community for VDL staff and VDL course participants to share ideas; opinions and experiences.  The REAL-Network will allow the RSB Lab and researchers in international collaborating organisations to generate research outputs on the impact of the VDL programme, and to share the impact of VDL with relevant stakeholders to inform policy development within collaborating countries.

The RSB Lab coordinates with Stellenbosch University and the University of Pretoria in South Africa in the ongoing development of the VDL programme and the REAL-Network.

Research activities:

  1. Piloted the VDL programme through workshops in Kenya and South Africa in 2016 leading to active alumni groups;
  2. Three VDL programmes are scheduled for 2017: Cairo, Egypt (October, 2017); South Africa (November, 2017); Kenya (December, 2017). An additional programme is also being planned for Nigeria mid-late December, 2017.
  3. Submitted a bid to the AHRC (for £60,000) for the proposed REAL-Network. The REAL-Network is based on the concept of an online ‘Connectivist’ community of VDL alumni.  Its purpose is to study the impact of the VDL programme in order to provide empirical support for the ongoing development and roll-out of the VDL programme across Africa.
  4. Overseen the development and established of a pilot version of the REAL-Network project. This ensures that the REAL-Network is ready to commence immediately if AHRC funding is successful.  Alternatively, if unsuccessful the RSB Lab will seek alternative funding.

The RSB Lab also supports Associate Prof. Petra Molthan-Hill’s Green Academy 

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