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Teaching and Learning

We disseminate best practices to a broader audience of trainers and teachers beyond Nottingham Business School.

Led by Professor Mollie Painter and Elmé Vivier, the teaching and learning stream integrates research on ethical organizational culture, ethical decision-making and leadership, with the design and delivery of executive development programmes. Research in the stream focuses on enabling managers and employees to speak up in the face of ethical wrongdoing, and to find responsible and systemic solutions to ethical dilemmas. Research priorities include:

  • Understanding moral behaviour and decision-making
  • Giving voice to values in everyday business practice
  • Speaking-out and whistleblowing
  • Ethical leadership in the African context
  • Finding ways to collaborate across organisations and sectors
  • Talent Management

Values-driven Leadership (VDL) and the REAL Network

Research on Ethical African Leadership Network (REAL-Network), is a maturing partnership between academics and practitioners in African DAC countries committed to combating ethical failures that can undermine service-delivery in various sectors. A key activity of the network is the delivery of the  VDL executive leadership training programme, which addresses the problem of systemic ethical failure in low and middle income (LMIC) economies.

The VDL programme is the result of collaborations between academic and non-academic partners (business, government and NGOs) in South Africa, Kenya and the UK and it seeks to empower leaders to give ‘voice to their values’ (GVV) when confronted with systemic pressures to act unethically.  (It draws upon Mary Gentile’s novel GVV pedagogical approach that equips leaders to develop levers of influence, persuasive responses, and alternative scripts that help them counter the rationalisations of unethical behaviour that they may face).

External collaborators include:

Find out more about our upcoming training opportunities here:


The Green Academy
Research led by Professor Petra Molthan-Hill leads links to this stream, on the conceptual foundations and practical strategies that are used in business schools and universities when teaching students about values-driven, responsible and sustainable business.  This includes leading initiatives that prepare students to deal with the dilemmas that managers and employees face in making choices that are technically sound, ethically responsible, sustainable, and culturally sensitive.

The most recent book authored by Petra can be found HERE . This book demonstrates how stories and storytelling can be consciously embedded into the curricula of any academic discipline in Higher Education to co-create a better future.


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