Developing Speak-out Cultures in South Africa

In partnership with Rabbi Gideon Pogrund from the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science, Prof. Mollie Painter represented the Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab at Nottingham Business School  in interviewing Brian Currin, a prominent South African human rights lawyer and whistle-blower, who was central to the Gupta Leaks.

The interview was conducted during one of GIBS’ online Flash Forums, and forms part of the RSBLab’s research on Developing Speak-out Cultures in South Africa, conducted in partnership with GIBS’ Ethics and Governance Think Tank. The research project is funded by the UK’s GCRF (Global Challenges Research Fund) and is aimed at understanding what drives whistle-blowers and others to speak out against unethical acts. This may allow us to enable the development of speak-out cultures within organisations and society as a whole.

This research is as much about designing alternative futures, as it is about understanding the past.  How could we, post-Corona, speak out against wrong-doing and speak up in building more ethical societies?

Here is what Brian Currin had to say on moral courage:

For more reflection you can follow Prof Painter on Twitter: @mollie_painter

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