New 2021 training courses launched!

Values and Leadership Training

(13-14 May 2021)

Have you ever felt that most people know what is the right thing to do, but just can’t seem to act on their values due to systemic pressures? Are you interested in addressing this problem in your organisation and in society?

The Values and Leadership Executive Education short course will develop the insights, capacities and skills needed to find values-driven and systemic solutions to the complex ethical and sustainability challenges confronting organisations today. The course combines an experiential learning approach, emphasising affect and relationality, with cutting edge research on ethical leadership and sustainability.

During this unique two-day programme, you will be challenged to critically reflect on the ethical dimensions and sustainability considerations pertaining to business and management practice.

The main aims are to:

  • Foster a critical understanding of values and ethical decision-making.
  • Cultivate responsible stakeholder management.
  • Promote an understanding of responsible leadership in the context of sustainability.
  • Create courageous values-driven conversations across the organisation.

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Leading in Organisations and Systems Training

(23-24 September 2021)

How does one lead and manage an organisation in the context of complex relationships, shared challenges and conflicting interests? How can senior leaders leverage their organisation to influence wider systems and networks in the interest of responsible and sustainable business?

The Leading in Organisations and Systems Executive Education short course will provide the tools for systems thinking and develop the capacities for leading sustainably in complex contexts. The two-day course brings together cutting-edge research on systems leadership, responsible business, and sustainability.

The main aims are to:

  • Understand management and leadership issues and trends in organisations.
  • Understand organisations and their ecosystems from a systems perspective.
  • Systemically manage ethical risks in the organisation.
  • Support responsible and sustainable employee engagement and performance, individually and in teams.
  • Engage in strategic thinking in complex systems.
  • Practice collaborative leadership skills and behaviours.

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