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CSR and Governance

Find out how we work with practitioners to engage, explain and transfer our research findings.


The Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab engages, explains, and transfers research findings to the business community, translating research into user-friendly formats, including the production of case studies.

This is an ongoing knowledge exchange activity, which delivers direct tangible and demonstrable benefits to end users, particularly businesses.

We  translate research outputs into impactful executive summaries for use in business and government decision-making.

Examples of current projects include:

° Practice based social learning and development of sustainable business practices both within and between organisations:
This work focusses on boundary spanning activities within and between organisations to enable the translation, adaptation and emergence of locally embedded sustainability practice. Dr Chapple and Professor Molthan-Hill, Dr Welton and Michael Hewitt are currently developing this work at the TV industry level to explore how transformation of sustainability practice occurred across organisational boundaries to bring widespread change with carbon literacy training as the catalyst. We explore the role of and dynamics between the boundary spanners in driving this change.  There is also the opportunity for this work to be extended into a comparative study, as carbon literacy has been rolled out by BAFTA internationally- which could provide rich insight into the role of culture in shaping change in sustainability practice.

° Systems of Governance for Sustainability:
This research focusses upon the configuration and resulting effectiveness of multi-level systems of governance for sustainability. Relational governance and complementarity between actors in relation to hierarchical governance structures are explored. Successful systems lead to “co-governance” and collaboration between different actors within the system (business, civil society, government, communities).

° Sustainability Impact:
Dr Chapple with Anna Ozolina and Dr Russon- UoN, is currently working on sustainability impact, analysing the theoretical construct of sustainability impact within the business subdisciplines, analysing how sustainability impact is theoretically and empirically framed within disciplines and the epistemic bubbles emerging. This work will be expanded to look across broader disciplines to

a) develop an inter-disciplinary theoretical framing of the concept relevant to businesses
b) an exploration of the implications of impact thinking for business strategic decision making and measurement
c) through the study of epistemic bubbles, develop insights as to how to develop interdisciplinary sustainability impact research and the disciplinary and institutional barriers and enablers to this process.

° CSR in Asia:
“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Asia: A Seven-Country Study of CSR Web Site Reporting” by Dr Chapple (and Professor Moon- Copenhagen Business School, and Professor Christian Herzig- Kassel University) has just (2021) been chosen as a spotlighted paper in the Business and Society 60-year celebration. Current work is assessing how national patterns of CSR in 6 Asian countries have evolved since the first Asia study, 15 years ago. This work will enable deeper insights into triggers for ethical reasoning and the implications for behavioural change and sustainability management education in different contexts.

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