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The RSB Lab shares research that promotes responsible and sustainable business practice through innovation, management and training.


About Us

The RSB Lab started operating in December 2015, with the goal to support income generation, publication and business impact in the areas of responsible and sustainable business within the business school and across disciplines.

The purpose of the RSB Lab is to pull together transdisciplinary teams of experts across NBS as well as across the University to address complex research questions in the ERS area and to develop interdisciplinary grant proposals and research papers. The RSB Lab focuses on four research streams: under four broad research streams: (i) Energy and Environment; (ii) Pedagogy and Talent Development; (iii) Ethics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; (iv) CSR and Corporate Governance.  Staff aligned to the centre fall within one or more of these four branches.


Professor Mollie Painter

Mollie Painter is Professor of Ethics and Organisation and leads the Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab (RSB Lab), a bespoke research centre within Nottingham Business School (NBS). The RSB Lab is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of research, training and practitioner engagement around responsible and sustainable business practice. Professor Painter’s teaching is focused on integrating responsible leadership, ethics and accountability into NBS’s postgraduate programmes. She is also active in executive development programmes and consultancy activities in these areas.

After a stint as a Fulbright scholar in Boston, USA, Professor Painter’s career started with a joint appointment in the Department of Philosophy and the Business School at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. After moving to Chicago, USA, in 2003, she occupied a tenured professorship in Philosophy at DePaul University. After 10 years in the USA, she moved to the UK in order to take up the position of Professor of Ethics and Organisation at Nottingham Business School. She also holds a part-time position at IEDC-Bled in Slovenia, and has been a visiting professor at various European institutions, such as HEC in Paris, ESCP Europe in Paris / London, EDHEC in Lille, Hanken in Helsinki, and IAE in Aix-en-Provence.

Professor Painter’s research focuses on organisational culture, leadership, and ethics within complex organisational environments. In dealing with these topics, she draws on the conversation between European philosophy and organisational studies. Her current research deals with organisational habituation, leadership and gender, embodiment, and relational accountability. She has published peer-reviewed articles in prominent journals, such as Organization StudiesOrganizationJournal of Business Ethics, and Business Ethics Quarterly. She is also the author of a number of books, such as Business Ethics and Continental Philosophy, co-edited with René ten Bos (Cambridge University Press, 2011), which was also translated into Dutch as Bedrijfsethiek. Filosofische perspectieven (Boom, 2013).

Professor Painter has often been part of teams of researchers delivering corporate and government-commissioned research reports on corruption prevention and organisational culture. She has been active as a consultant in the areas of business ethics and sustainable business.

Professor Painter holds a 0.2 Professorial position at IEDC-Bled School of Management in Slovenia, serving as their Coca-Cola Chair of Sustainable Development. She is active in projects across Africa, for example running the Values-driven Leadership in Action executive education course in South Africa, Egypt and Kenya, and a GCRF research project on Creating Speak-out Cultures. She serves on the editorial boards of multiple academic journals and is co-editor of Springer’s Issues in Business Ethics series. She also serves on the advisory board of the High Meadows Institute in Boston, USA, and is a popular speaker at academic and industry conferences across the globe.


Anna Ozolina

Anna joined Nottingham Business School in 2016 to facilitate grant capture and development of three newly established research centres, after previously having worked at The Academy of Business in Society in Brussels and bringing experience of large EU funded (FP7) and corporate project management. In her role as Research Centres Coordinator, she coordinates international cross-sectoral, multi-disciplinary collaborative research projects. As part of the research centres, Anna seeks beyond academia engagement for impactful, long term agenda. Anna is also a PhD candidate in the field of Sustainable Mobility, evaluating the effectiveness of electric vehicle- related sub-national policies and technologies.


Dr Wendy Chapple                                                                              

Dr Chapple is an Associate Professor and a member of the Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab at Nottingham Business School. She joined Nottingham Business School in October 2017.

Her research portfolio includes the international comparative analysis of corporate responsibility, with various studies focusing on patterns and institutional drivers of corporate responsibility in Asia, OECD countries and developing countries. Systems of Governance in the developing country context is also another key element to her research portfolio. This assesses multilevel governance structures and how configurations of actors, tools and norms influence the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Impact, and the measurement and theorisation of
sustainability impact from a business perspective also plays a key role in her research.

Of particular interest are the concepts of inclusive and relational governance. She was part of a European consortium which has recently completed a € 3.09 million European Union FP7 research project “Global Value” which assessed the CSR impact of multi-national companies and how “systems of governance” influence business behaviour. Prior to that she was representing Nottingham University in the €3 million European Union FP7 bid- “IMPACT”, which assessed the impact of CSR practices of companies.

Dr Chapple also is involved in the development of sustainability research at the university level.  She is on the steering committee for the research theme “Sustainable Futures”, which is one of the NTU’s priority research themes.  This steering committee co-ordinates and provides a research and funding strategy for university wide research on sustainability. This involves liaising and working with senior research professors across disciplines and schools. In January 2020 she was appointed deputy lead for the theme by the DVC for research.

Dr Chapple is involved in teaching and mentoring across all programme levels within the Business School. She is involved in mentoring BAIBM final years for their Business Research Project and has been involved in the Transformational Leadership Development module on the MSc programme. She is module leader for the MBA/ EMBA/ SLEMBA Responsible and Sustainable Leadership module and contributes to the Values Led Organisation module on the OMBA. She also contributes to the DBA training programme and supervises students on the DBA and PhD programme at NBS. She currently has 13 PhD completions and one MPhil completion.

Prior to joining NTU, Dr Chapple was an Associate Professor in Industrial Economics at Nottingham University Business School. Here she co-founded the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR) where she was Deputy Director until October 2017.

Dr Chapple has been involved in a number of international research consortiums as part of the FP7 research projects that she was involved in. For many years she delivered MBA training on CSR and Sustainability in Singapore and Malaysia and has also been involved in the Values Driven Leadership training in South Africa and Egypt.  She has research partners in Malaysia and Singapore and is working on developing a project with the ASEAN CSR network which is located in 10 ASEAN countries and aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr Emrah Karakilic

Dr Karakilic holds a PhD in sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London, where he worked as a graduate tutor and (later) as an associate lecturer in both sociology and management studies departments between 2012-17. In May 2017, he joined the Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab (RSB Lab) at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University. His research interests revolve around critical management studies; work, employment and society; Marxist political economy; Italian operaismo and post-operaismo; and cognitive capitalism.

  Dr Elmé Vivier 

Elmé joined the RSB Lab at NTU in 2019, after completing her PhD at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Previously she worked at the University of Pretoria, and in the Democracy, Governance and Service Delivery unit at the Human Sciences Research Council, also in South Africa. Her research focuses broadly on issues of collaborative and relational governance and leadership, community engagement, participatory development and social accountability, and in particular on collective and public leadership practice in informal and developing country contexts. She also manages the Values-Driven Leadership in Action programme at the RSB Lab.

Natalie Toms

Natalie is the Research Assistant for the RSB Lab where she supports income generation, publication and business impact in the areas of responsible and sustainable business within the business school and across disciplines.

Natalie is currently working towards an EMBA, due for completion in March 2022.

She is responsible for supporting project administration and the daily management of research projects, with particular responsibility for digital media communication and the dissemination of research activities via online digital mediums.  Natalie coordinates events and general engagement with internal research networks within the business school, and external stakeholders.  She supports senior researchers in the development of questionnaires, conducting of surveys, literature reviews and database searches.

Johanna Oehlmann

As an NBS PhD student Johanna supports the Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab with research in the areas of Design for Sustainability and values-based business practices.




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